Environmental services

Environmental Impact Assessment and waste services
  • EIA studies:
We prepare complete Environmental Impact Assessment. In this process we evaluate the potential environmental impacts of a proposed project or development. The purpose of an EIA is to identify and assess the potential environmental effects of a proposed project, and to propose measures to mitigate any negative impacts. An EIA typically includes an analysis of the project's potential impacts on air quality, water quality, soil, flora and fauna, and other environmental factors. We follow best practices, EU and international standards.
  • Separation and transportation services of hazardous waste from oilfields
We separate and recycle normal and hazardous waste from oilfields following all international standards.
Transportation of waste will be done by special truck or similar as shown by figure 10. Special features of 5 t box truck is that can transport 1m³ waste bins, 120/240 l trash cans and can carry bulky waste (tires, wooden boxes, pallets, barrels, etc.). It has additional hydraulic lift gate to ease loading / unloading of assets or it can be loaded by the Hiab truck.
  • Incinerated Ash sampling
Ashes are collected from the incinerator and will be sampled, according to the result the ash will be treated or not before the landfilling.