About SedGeol

What can SedGeol do?

The team of SedGeol Consultancy has extensive experience in performing studies of carbonate and sandstone reservoirs.

Our Capabilities

We have capabilities to perform various analyses/studies:
● Sedimentologic
● Stratigraphic
● Petrographic
● Reservoir Rock Typing (RRT)
● U-Pb dating of carbonates
● Geochemical (including stable carbon, oxygen and strontium)
● Fluid-inclusions microthermometry
● Application of AI in reservoir characterization and to predict and minimize risks

Our Outcomes

These studies are used to obtain integrated understanding of the origin, evolution and distribution of reservoir quality.
We are committed to provide:
● Conceptual sedimentologic models
● Sequence stratigraphic framework
● Diagenetic models
These models can be applied for hydrocarbon exploration and production.

Our Our Clients

We have performed numerous consulting reservoir projects and studies for many oil companies, including ADNOC, Petrobras, Shell, Maersk, Equinor, Statoil, and Eni.
SedGeol consulting Company can perform small and large petroleum geology projects.
We strive to advise clients appropriately ate every stage of the projects.